DIY Whipped Cream Edible Finger Paints

If you are anything like me, I am paranoid about my kids eating things they shouldn’t. I seriously watch my son like a hawk when using crayons, markers and traditional paints even at the age of 3. I know I need to get over it and understand the whole, “kids are gonna eat dirt” concept, however I just can’t quite let it go.

With that being said, I’ve come across several DIY finger paint tutorials, using sand and shaving cream, but obviously that makes me uneasy! I’ve tried a different edible finger paint recipe, which worked great and my son really loved! I decided to try something new and took the concept of the shaving cream finger paints I’ve seen floating around Pinterest and adapted it using whipped cream instead.

Why whipped cream? Well, for one it’s edible, two it is white and easy to die and three it has the same consistency as shaving cream making it fun to play with. ┬áLets make Whipped Cream Edible Finger Paints!

what you will need:


  • Whipped Cream (I opted for the tub, but you could go the extra mile to make it yourself with whipping cream and sugar)
  • Food Dye
  • Several Plastic Cups or Glass Dishes
  • Cookie Sheet
  • Paint Brushes

what you will need to do:


  1. Divide the whipped cream into your little dishes or cups.
  2. Place several drops of food coloring in each one. The more drops the darker the color.
  3. Mix in the food coloring with a spoon. Get the kids involved in this step.
  4. Take the cookie sheet and use that as your little one’s canvas. Cookie sheets are great because the small lip contains the mess a bit.
  5. Then let them go to town either with their fingers or with a paint brush and don’t worry if they lick their fingers

Warning: Depending on how much food coloring you use, fingers might turn colors, however after a good bath we were as good as new!!

There you have it! A fun and tasty activity for kids. Throw in some graham crackers and you have snack time covered too – just kidding!!