diy picnic silverware rolls

We have had glorious weather and sunny days, perfect for picnics and spending time outdoors.  Here is a cute, washable silverware holder that you can make up to have stocked and ready to grab for an impromptu lunch in the park or a weekend outing with the family.  These little picnic silverware rolls stitch up with sleeves for plastic or metal silverware and it even features a spot for a napkin.  It is pretty easy sewing, so lets get started!

what you will need:

This will make 8 silverware rolls.

  • 1 yd gingham fabric for lining and pocket
  • 1/2 yd print fabric for outside
  • 1/2 yd of batting
  • 5 -6 yards of grosgrain ribbon
  • Coordinating thread

what you will need to do:


  • 1 — 8″ x 10″ rectangle of print fabric
  • 1 — 8″ x 10″ rectangle of batting
  • 1 — 8″ x 10″ rectangle of gingham fabric for lining
  • 1 — 10″ x 10″ rectangle of gingham fabric for pocket
  • 22″ of grograin ribbon for the tie



  1. Take the 10″ x 10″ pocket and fold in half and iron flat.SONY DSC
  2. Layer the batting, the lining and the pocket all facing up as shown.SONY DSC
  3. From the left side of the pocket, measure 2 inches, 3 1/2″ and 5″ at the top and bottom of the pocket.  These will mark the stitch lines to make the channels for the silverware.SONY DSC
  4. Stitch down from the markings on the pocket to make the silverware channels.  You will have three stitch lines.  Do a couple of back stitches at the top to secure the channels.SONY DSC
  5. This is what the pocket channels will look like.SONY DSC
  6. Next, take your 22 inch grosgrain ribbon and fold almost in half leaving one end about one inch longer than the other.  Pin the ribbon flat on the right side of the pocket about halfway down the side of the roll.  Make sure that you will catch the ribbon when you stitch the side seam.  Tuck the ends out of the way so that you do not catch them in the side seams.SONY DSC
  7. Layer the rectangle from the print fabric over the pocket, right sides together and pin in place.SONY DSC
  8. With a 1/4″ seam, stitch all the way around the roll leaving an opening for turning on the bottom.  Clip corners.SONY DSC
  9. Turn the roll right side out and tuck in the raw edges on the opening.  Iron the silverware roll flat.SONY DSC
  10. Top stitch close to the edge of the roll all the way around being sure to catch the edges of the opening and sew them shut.SONY DSC
  11. Your first silverware roll is completed, now just make seven more!  These really do stitch up fast, sew them assembly line style!



I added a cloth napkin made from the same material as the outside of the roll.  You can make these as well.  You will need 2 yards of fabric and you can use the directions from my tailgate napkin post.

picnic quilt

Do you need another picnic idea?  Why not make my portable, perfect picnic quilt to go with the silverware rolls?