make it yourself: crayon zip bag

This cute little bag is the perfect holder for your kids crayons or colored pencils.  It gathers them in one place and it is perfect to toss in a bag with a coloring book or paper to keep little ones busy.  I quilted this bag, but you can use fusible fleece instead to create the same effect. Embroider a name in the label space and make it one of a kind.  Of course, you can use it to store anything you like, it is so adorable.  I am making one for myself for my drawing pencils.  This project is fat quarter friendly.

what you will need:

  • 1 fat quarter of lighter print fabric for body and lining (18″ x 21″)
  • Scraps of solid color fabric for crayon ends and tabs (at least 5″ x 10″)
  • Scraps of black for crayon label and ends (at least 5″ x 9″)
  • 12″ Nylon Zipper
  • 10″ x 11″ piece of batting or fusible fleece
  • Coordinating thread

what you will need to do:



  • Cut 2 — 4.5″ x 6.5″ rectangles from lighter print for body
  • Cut 2 — 4.5″ x 10.5″ rectangles from lighter print for lining
  • Cut 2 — 1.5″ x 4.5″ rectangles from solid color fabric for crayon end
  • Cut 2 — 2.5″ x 4.5″ rectangles from solid color fabric for crayon pointed end
  • Cut 2 — 1.5″ x 4″ rectangles from solid color fabric for zipper tabs
  • Cut 4 — 1″ x 4.5″ rectangles from black fabric for crayon end labels
  • Cut 1 – Oval shape from black fabric for crayon label (Crayon Zip Bag Label Template)
  • Cut 2 — 5″ x 11″ rectangles from batting or cut fusible fleece to fit crayon



  1. Sew the strips together as shown in the picture above.  You will be making two of these for the front and back.SONY DSC
  2. First, sew the black rectangles to each end of the light print body.  Then, sew the solid fabric ends to the black rectangles.  Sew the smaller one to one end and the larger one to the other end.SONY DSC
  3. Iron the remaining black fabric and starch well.  Using the template provided, cut out the black oval label.  Stitch the label to the center of the front crayon.  Use a close zig zag stitch.  I used a stitch width of 2.5 and a length of 0.8.  If you want to add a name, embroider it to the label now.SONY DSC
  4. Next, cut the pointed end of the crayon.  Measure 1 1/2″ across and 1 1/2″ down from the large solid fabric end of the crayon.  Mark a diagonal line connecting the measurements.  Cut carefully on the line.  Mark and cut both sides on the front and the back.SONY DSC
  5. Make the same measurements on the lining pieces and trim away those corners.

Quilting or Fusible Fleece


  1. I really like the look of straight line quilting on this little crayon and the batting adds a little weight to the feel of the bag. Layer the crayon right side up over the batting.  Pin and then start quilting.  I used a stitch length of 4mm.
  2. If you are not into quilting, you can use fusible fleece.  Trim the pieces just a little bit smaller than the crayon front and back so that the fusible stays on your fabric and not your ironing board.  Iron according to the fusible fleece directions.

Add the Zipper


  1. Cut off the end of the zipper.SONY DSC
  2. Take the zipper tabs and iron. Fold over 1 inch on each end and then fold in half for each piece.SONY DSCSONY DSC
  3. Position one of the zipper ends over the end of the zipper and carefully stitch across the end. Avoid the metal ends.SONY DSC
  4. Using the zipper, hold it up to the top left edge of the bag and cut the right end off of the zipper about ½ inch from the edge.SONY DSC
  5. Stitch the other zipper end across this end of the zipper. Open the zipper half way.  Position the zipper facing down onto the right side of the crayon.SONY DSC
  6. Place the lining right sides down over it and pin in place.SONY DSC
  7. Using a zipper foot,  stitch approximately ¼ inch from edge of the zipper. When you get to the zipper pull, stop with needle down in fabric. Lift up the presser foot and gently open or close the zipper to move it out of the way to continue sewing.SONY DSC
  8. Next, iron the zipper seam open and top stitch the fabric close to the zipper.  
  9. Then open the zipper half way again.  Place the other side of the zipper face down onto the right side of the bag fabric. Place the lining right sides down over it and pin in place. Using the zipper foot, stitch again approximately ¼ inch from the edge of the zipper.SONY DSC
  10. Iron the zipper seam open and top stitch the fabric close to the zipper.SONY DSC
  11. Open the zipper up all the way so you will be able to turn the bag right side out.  Match the crayons halves right sides together and match the lining right sides together.  Pushing zipper to lining side, stitch around bag leaving opening for turning in the lining.SONY DSC
  12. Turn right side out with lining out.  Stitch lining closed and tuck it back in the zip bag.


Fill the crayon zip bag with pencils, crayons or goodies!