DIY Burlap Chalkboard

As I mentioned in a previous post about edible center pieces, I am throwing a baby shower in a couple weeks with a shabby chic theme!  Burlap is where the shabby comes in, so I wanted to find unique ways to incorporate the rustic texture.

I found these burlap plates on a display at Hobby Lobby and actually bought them on a whim with no real purpose because I just thought they were pretty cool! As I got to thinking about decor for the shower and after some intense Pinterest browsing,  I saw you could use chalkboard paint on burlap. Say what!? I was skeptical at first too, but thought I’d give it a whirl on one of the plates, since I had no other real use for it. And guess what? It actually works!

Here are the super easy directions for this DIY Burlap Chalkboard tutorial.

what you will need:


  • Burlap (could be a remnant, pendant anything burlap)
  • Large paint brush
  • Chalkboard paint
  • White chalk
  • Embellishments :: lace ribbon, burlap flowers, etc. (Optional)
  • Hot glue or fabric glue for embellishments

what you will need to do:


    1. Paint the chalkboard paint onto the burlap VERY generously and let dry.
    2. Repeat at least three times until you have a good layer in place to fill some of the grooves in the burlap. To give you perspective, I painted three plates and used nearly an entire bottle of chalkboard paint.
    3. Add any embellishments you’d like. I edged mine in lace ribbon using hot glue and added a lace and burlap flower to drive home the shabby chic flair!
    4. Decorate with chalk as you desire. I will warn you that unlike a traditional flat surface,  it takes a bit more elbow grease to erase the chalk. And depending on how well you covered the surface you may get chalk in the grooves as well. I figured after a couple uses if it looks too used I will just paint another layer of chalkboard paint over it.

I told you this was pretty easy! Now go find yourself some burlap and give this tutorial a whirl!