Make it Yourself: Mini Upcycled Glitter Crown

Transform a cardboard toilet paper tube into a glittery gold crown for Easter this year! It’s a fun craft project to make and use basic supplies around the house. This mini upcycled glitter crown can turn a plain egg into an adorable royal figure in no time at all. Crown_supplies

what you will need:

what you will need to do:

    1. Draw a crown shape at the bottom of a cardboard toilet paper tube. Make a small vertical cut in the middle of the crown and cut out the shape.Crown_1
    2. Pour a small amount of school glue in a small plastic container and sprinkle glitter in the large plastic container (a yogurt container works well). With your foam brush, dab of little bit of glue on the edge of the crown and overlap it slightly to adhere the ends together.Crown_2
    3. Brush glue on the outside of the crown.Crown_3
    4. Place the crown in the larger container with glitter and put on the lid. Gently shake the crown until it is covered in glitter.Crown_4
    5. Carefully place it on the lid to dry.Crown_5
    6. Once the crown the is dry, place it on an egg. Draw on a face with a permanent black marker if you wish. You can also experiment with other shapes and glitter colors to make this adorable mini upcycled glitter crown.Crown_6

Happy Easter!