Make it yourself: Fishing Game

This is a great gift idea for kids and is easy on your budget. Using a few pairs of old socks and a hanger, you can create a fishing game that is lots of fun. My daughter had a great time “fishing” in different locations around the house. It is great prop for imaginative play and also coordination practice. Please note that this toy is appropriate for preschoolers and up, younger toddler who might put things into their mouths should not play with strong magnets.



What you need:

  • cardboard rod from an old wire hanger
  • twine- about two feet long
  • colorful duct tape
  • two strong magnets
  • regular strength magnet,cut into six small pieces
  • buttons
  • embroidery floss
  • polyfill fiber
  • pipe cleaners, cut into quarters
  • three pairs of children’s or baby’s socks

To make the fishing pole:


Wrap the twine to the end of the cardboard rod with the colorful duct tape.


Wrap the pole with a long piece of the tape.


Add a small dot of hot glue to one of your strong magnets. put the end of the twine on top and very carefully bring your other magnet on top to sandwich the twine in between. They will attract to each other, so make sure to get out of the way to avoid the hot glue.

To make the fish:


Sew a button on either side by the toes of your socks. I made some with two buttons stacked on top of each other.


Add a small piece of magnet into the bottom of the sock. Stuff your sock with a small amount of polyfill. Adding too much will add weight to your fish. Secure the fish with a pipe cleaner wrapped around to make the tail. As an added bonus, the pipe cleaner will also attract the fishing pole magnet.


Now you’re ready to go fishin’!