Make it yourself: Little Fox Embroidery and a free pattern

For today’s project, the folks at Goodsmiths asked me to come up with a modern take on a “granny craft.” Let’s see, that could be anything from quilting to crochet, but I have been dying to make a fox-themed project for months since they’re so hot right now. I doodled a little fox face on some scrap paper at work and realized that it would make a cute embroidery design. This embroidery comes together relatively quickly and is designed for beginning to intermediate stitchers. Read on for which stitches to use where and how to frame any finished embroidery project with a wooden hoop.

What You’ll Need

  • embroidery hoop
  • embroidery canvas
  • needle
  • scissors
  • this embroidery pattern
  • water soluble embroidery marker
  • clean wash cloth
  • cheap embroidery hoop for framing
  • glue

What You’ll Need to Do

Begin by tracing the embroidery pattern onto your embroidery canvas using a water soluble embroidery pen. Never embroidered before? I swear by Wild Olive’s embroidery basics series to learn.

Here’s a run-down of what stitches to use on which parts of the pattern & how many strands of floss to use:

outlines of the face: running stitch, 3 strands
eyes: french knots, 6 strands
nose: long and short stitch, 6 strands
fill-in of the face: satin stitch, 3 strands
accent lines around the face: (just make it work), 3 strands

Modern Granny Craft: Little Fox Embroidery

Dampen a wash cloth and remove any visible lines from your canvas by rubbing gently. Next, grab your wooden embroidery hoop for framing, center your completed embroidery in it, and tighten up the hoop. Don’t be shy – tighten it up completely.

Modern Granny Craft: Little Fox Embroidery

Next, using a very sharp scissors, cut away the excess embroidery canvas as close to the hoop’s edge as possible.

Modern Granny Craft: Little Fox Embroidery

Cover the raw edge of the canvas in a modest layer of glue.

Modern Granny Craft: Little Fox Embroidery

Let the glue dry completely, and then you’re ready to hang your work by the screw at the top of the hoop. Easy!

What woodland animal will you embroider next?