Can’t live without it: wood crates

When you’re looking for ways to display your products at craft shows, practicality is paramount. You’re going to end up toting whatever you use back and forth between your car and a spot that’s potentially far away from where you parked. So that’s why I love using these wood crates┬áto display items. When you pack them up you can either stuff them full of products, stack them inside each other or both. Their rectangular shape and handles make them easy to carry.

If you buy a few of them (they are often on sale at craft stores for $15 or less), you can arrange them horizontally or vertically on top of a table so they look like shelves.

craft show display

When I’m done with a show, I stow the crates underneath my work table and use them to organize knit products (one for gloves, one for owls, etc.). Four fit perfectly under a six-foot table.

storage crates

I like the look of the plain wood, but you could easily paint them a different color or each one a different color. You could also stencil on your logo or a cute pattern. They’re blank slates ready for your creativity.

The only downside is that they don’t fold up even smaller in your car, but I find them so useful I cannot imagine my crafty business without them.

What’s your go-to craft business┬ánecessity?