Make it Yourself: Vintage-Style Ornaments [free pattern]

It’s simple to get a classic, vintage look for your holiday decorations. I like using unexpected fabrics (with a slightly vintage feel) with traditional shapes. Feel free to use my ornament pattern for your projects or just freehand your favorite shapes!

What you will need:

  • Pattern
  • Fabric or felt scraps (I used heavy drape fabric)
  • Needle & thread
  • Batting or polyfill fiber

First of all, cut out the patterns. (If you want to print two, you can use one for the outline and one for the decorations, or you can just trace or freehand the embellishments.)

Choose your fabric combinations and cut out the pieces. You’ll need two of each pattern for each side. I used some heavy drape fabric that was on sale and it worked great! I loved the heavy-duty feel and the interesting texture. It’s a little more interesting than using felt or cotton.

Sew on the embellishments first. I started hand-sewing these with embroidery floss, but I wanted a more put-together look, so I opted for machine stitching instead.

Sandwich a piece of batting between your pieces. I liked the handmade look when the batting shows, so I sewed wrong sides together and trimmed the edges of the batting to size. Let me know how it goes if you sew right sides together and then turn the piece.

Use a bit of batting to cut out a “fringe” that fits the top of your ornament. Sew or glue it in place. Then loop some thread through the top of your ornament and hang it! Best thing is that these don’t take long to make — and they’re fun to make in batches. Wrap them in a cute package and gift them to your friends.