Matthew Mead’s Winter Wonderland

We love seeing what our friend and holiday master Matthew Mead is up to and how he’s decorating his home for the season. And this white wonderland decor doesn’t disappoint! For free patterns and more ideas, visit Take it away, Matthew!

Last year when I was longing for something different, and extra special for my holiday decorating I turned to my friend and designer Tricia Foley, a talented design guru known for her use of white in many layered shades.

I was lucky enough to visit her Long Island compound of white buildings where she shared some of her tips and tricks for monochromatic decorating. I was able to adapt and try some of the ideas myself.

White Christmas is the dream of many–not just snow covered trees and facades, but a mix of festive holiday decor all cast in complimentary shades of white. Bing Crosby sang famously of this “dream like” setting; for me it was a fantasy that I really wanted to attain.

“It’s all in the details” is what I gleaned from Trish. The thoughtful selection of just the right props, like ironstone, white china, silver and white linens. She keeps greens and embellishments simple and within the neutral pallet that lets all the white details shine.

At her home all of the buildings are painted white. So set against the snowy landscape everything looks magical and gleaming. In the door of her garden shed is a simple white snowflake embroidered on gauzy shear, and framed beautifully by a diamond shaped window.

Mini wooden birdhouses are painted white and embellished with shimmering stickers to make instant ornaments.

Shells are white washed and hot glued to paper doilies to string as garland, or hang as tags from white wrapped packages.

Paper cupcake boxes get a wash of white and glass beads for embellishment.

Jewelry garlands from the crafts store are white washed with spray to hang from mantles or in windows. White paper Christmas stockings are cut from white glitter paper and embellished with stickers.

I took all the style tips that I learned from Trish back to my own home to create my own special holiday. I assembled silver, glass, my own tiered stand, and jelly jars from my product line to create my own personalized look. I found roses and hydrangea blossoms both in white from the grocery store, and gathered greens from my yard to fill mint julep cups and glass jelly jars. White pearlized gumballs are pretty and edible treats, while vintage mirrors hanging and leaning behind the mantlescape add shimmer and shine. Candles round out the festive flair and add a wonderful romantic air for evening entertaining.

Whether you craft all of your decor, or simply gather a collection of monochromatic items, a single focus on white and all its hues can create that eye catching and pristine setting that Bing Cosby sang so lovingly about.

Big thanks to Matthew Mead for sharing his projects! Visit for free holiday patterns and more white wonderland inspiration.