DIY Beer Can Cake… No Baking Required!

So every year I struggle to figure out what to get my non-cake eating, beer fanatic of a husband. He ALWAYS says just get me some beer and call it good. This would be all fine and dandy, but I hate to be predictable when it comes to gift giving, so that just isn’t good enough. This year for his 30th birthday I decided to make a beer can cake… A cake literally made out of beer cans! No baking required and took me about five minutes to assemble.

What You Will Need:

DIY Beer Can Cake Supplies

  • Approximately 18 Beer Cans (For a gift opt for something a bit higher end. For my husband that means anything from a micro-brewery!)
  • Packing Tape
  • Streamers
  • 10-inch Cardboard Cake Rounds (Got mine from the wedding cake section at Hobby Lobby)
  • Cake Topper (I found a talking greeting card that worked perfectly.)

What You Will Need To Do:

  1. Take your first 10-inch cake round and place the beer cans in a circle along the edge. Secure in place with a loop of packing tape on the bottom of each can. You may want to fill the center with a few cans as well to give it a bit more stability.
  2. Once secured to the bottom cake round, place a loop of packing tape on the top of each can and place a 10-inch cake round on the top.
  3. Add another layer of cans, by repeating step 1.
  4. Add a few cans in the center to hold the cake topper.
  5. Top cans with cake topper. I found a button greeting card that said, “That’s what she said!” in 14 different ways.