Fabric Scrap Magnetic Alphabet

One of my best friends has a little girl who is on the move…which means she’s into everything all the time and completely exhausting her parents. So when I head up there in a couple weeks to visit, I thought I’d bring something to try to keep her busy. I think these sweet little alphabet magnets are the perfect thing to keep her occupied and try to teach her something at the same time. And they are cute enough that I don’t think her mom will object to having them around the house. At least I hope not.

They’re a fairly simple sewing project to take on…and they’re my favorite kind of project – the kind that doesn’t have to be perfect to be adorable.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 26 different swatches of fabric
  • Bunting
  • 26 small magnets
  • The stencils from this tutorial (or you can create your own custom stencils) printed on card stock
  • Sewing machine

First cut out all your letter stencils from the card stock.

Next, cut two fabric swatches in a 4″ x 4″ square. Then cut a 4” square piece of bunting (the tutorial I originally read said to double the bunting, but I thought the letters were easier to work with if you just used a single piece).   Then place all three pieces of fabric and bunting together – each piece of fabric, right side facing out,
with the bunting in the middle.

Now trace the first letter on the right  side of one of the pieces of fabric.

After this, take one of your magnets (I bought a circle of strip magnets to save money, so I just cut a little piece off) and place it between the bunting and the top layer of fabric – the one with the traced letter on it. Make sure the magnet is within the traced lines of the letter.

Now use your sewing machine to sew around the traced outline of the letter…this is where I got really speedy! After you’re finished, cut off your excess thread and then cut the fabric around the outline of the letter – leaving about 1/8” rough edge. And throw up on the fridge or any magnetic surface!

I think they are pretty sweet…I have visions of Ella writing “I love my Aunt Brooke” with these letters before I come to visit. This may be a little out of her wheelhouse, since she can’t talk yet. But I’m sure it’s right around the corner.